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A short trip to the Hot spring! [Blog in English]

Some of my friends asked me to go to a hot spring this weekend. The friends who were same blass band club at the high school. A few member of them have not met for neary 10 years, I think.

We are going to Toya lake, and I've been there for several years. It will be good trip the first in this year.

However I bit worry about way of the hot spring, because the member is 9, and cars are 2, I guess 4 or 5 people each cars, so that the car of 5 people must be small anyway.


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It wasn't good experience. [Blog in English]

There are so meny strange incidents these days. This country isn't safe anymore. However I hadn't think that I met a danger in my home town.

It might not be in danger, because I was done anything.

Now, let's talk about what was happend.

It was in the evening few days ago.


I was waiting for comming a station, near by my place, on the train. There was a little pueue front of a door of the train. I was there and saw a strange looking man, who lined up next to me. Then I felt something wrong with the man. The man looked small and not young. When the train arrived the station, I hurried to avoid the man.

It was on a footbridge, I saw someone was running toward me, that was him, but he didn't do nor speak. I didn't stand it, so I hurried again and passed another people. I said he didn't follow me in my mind.

I saw the other strange man beside a pavement, who wasn't wearing a coat, but singing  and holding a microphone. He was a manager of a shabby Karaoke pub. Why he singing outside? He didn't need the microphone outside of the pub, because of I heard his real voice.


Anyway, I was surprised the singing man. I changed better looking for the other side of pavement, someone saw me...... it was him again!! I couldn't beleave it at all.

I run a few hundred metre and looked back and saw him run too. It was bit far from me. I had a confidant to beat him, but I didn't want to be in troble, so I run to my place. And then I have seen the man.

My mother said it was my imagination.


I keep telling myself that being in Japan is no safe anymore. 

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I dicided to continue. [Blog in English]

Yesterday,  I went to last English lesson, but the manager of school who recommended the other class. So i decided to continue my lesson at new class.


It's so cold outside in Hokkaido nowdays. I don't want to drive a car in winter. There are too slippy to drive, even on the broad road. The outside temperture was minus 10 degrees centigrade yesterday night. My condition is't seem better like this wether.


I got 4 DVDs anyway.

ハリー・ポッターと賢者の石 特別版  


ハリー・ポッターと秘密の部屋 特別版  


ハリー・ポッターとアズカバンの囚人 特別版



ユー・ガット・メール 特別版




All together undre 5.000 yen. That's good price!

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My English lesson going to be... [Blog in English]

A cheap English school in Sapporo is't good for practice, I really realized. I'v been to the school  since July this year, and lessons are once a week, the lessons fee is 5,000 yen for a month. It's quite cheap, isn't it?


Now, my class has a probrem, because we started the lesson three students and a teachar, but one of students is quit suddenly. So our class is going to be closed next week. My teachar said I can change another classes if I like. I like my class so much, and another classes' atmospheres are different from my class. I may fit new class.  However I don't think I can improve my English any classes at the school. I didn't want to do so from the beginning. I enjoyed enough.

I decided quit the school today, and I send an e-mail to the school manager.


Oh, I can't stand that I have a runny nose.  I have had a cold for 3 weeks. It is getting worse recently. I cancelled today's schedule to rest, but I'm writing this blog... anyway.

I've got 6 days off! [Blog in English]

When i went to my work place, our shift in September was hanging on the wall. It said i've got 5 days off in the middle of Sep, but my co-worker wanted to change the shift. Finaly, I got 6 days off.

That's amazing, becouse i had got 6 days off last month too. How can i use it? I thought i can go on a travel and i want to come my friend in Okinawa. However i haven't enough money to do it.

I'm going to check cheap tour on the web. I also thought going out from Japan, but i just realised i don't have a passport now. I don't know how much time to get a passport. If it takes few weeks, i must miss overseas travel.

The big problem is MONEY, and the next salary day is after the long days off. I won't go on a tralvel next month totaly.

Oh! I did promise to take a test of PC, but i haven't. I should start tostudy again and get a certificate.

I'm lucky too, my English lesson is set on every Tuesday. In Sep. i don't have to miss any lessons.

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unexpected news [Blog in English]

I met him in February. It was a concert of our high school band when he looked well.
We already graduated same high school, and he was 5 years ahead of me. He was so good, kind, friendly, so much more.

However I'll never met or talk to him.

I haven't know what happend with him. I'm going to know it from one of my friends tomorrow.

He was only thirty years old, too early to go.

I was at working when the funeral ceremony was held. I had just e-mail on the mobile phone from a couple of my friends. I couldn't beleave it of course. He couldn't be. I read a newspaper, but I didn't find his name on it. While I was working, I sometimes thought him. In fact,  He was not a close friend. I may be afraid of someone to die. It makes me thinking many things.

I thank him. I hope God bless him. I can think of  he had had precious life, and I'm really happy I met you in my life.

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My friend's baby [Blog in English]

I really thought a baby glows up so quickly. My friend's baby is nearly 8 months. It was 2 months before, the baby couldn't crawl at all. However he can crawl now. (My friend seid it's like crawling, because he uses both hands at the same time to move.)

The baby who will take a walke after 3-5 months, and say some words. They are ordinaly things, but wonderful, aren't they? Chid rearing is so hard, a few mothers are get ill. Most mothers don't do so, they feel very happy when they find difference their children about growing up. That's my friend's word. I will understand when I have a child one day.

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It's a little bit of fun! [Blog in English]

Some friends and I are going to have curry party next week. It might be good.
Organizers are my friend and her boyfriend. I've never seen him before. In fact, that's most exciting thing. He is good guy my another firend said.
I will meet another two guys. One of them is same year-old, the other one is 20 year-old (so young!). I parhaps make a new friend there.
However what my problem is. I'll be very tired that day, because it's same day the party.
I'll have a little bit of sleeping time but I don't think that's not enough anyway.
I can tell here what happend, don't miss!


I have started to read newspapers these days. I still don't like about politics.
It's bit difficult, isn't it?
I read Nikkei Marketing Journal sometimes at my work place.
That's good at to understand the trends, and much easir than the others.

New open [Blog in English]

The biggest book shop in Sapporo was open last week, and I went there the day after opening.
There was lots of people there, so I think I might be lost. It is two storey, but the floor is huge.
One thirds of ground floor is DVD's. So many kind of DVD are there, movies, dramas, music, sports, healings and so much more. However I couldn't see books, because I was too tired to do shopping. I would come there next time.
One of my firends said the book shop has many English books. I should get someting for studing.

I realise that I want to do many things. For example, taking a license examination of computer, studing English and playing the piano. I haven't do them yet.
I have to change my mind anyway.

This massage is too short, isn't it? I must find another story.

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